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8 “I”s for Success or Disaster

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

What do you look for when hiring anyone for your organization or your team?

Or you are looking for a role model / hero / leader to follow?

It is advise to look for individual who displays the characteristics / traits of 8 “I”s , Which are :

· Insight

· Intuition

· Innovative

· Initiative

· Investigative

· Intelligence

· Inspiration

· Integrity

If you get a person with all these 8 “I”s, he/she will create wonders in your life.

But, the most important of these, is the last “I” i.e. Integrity.

If this “I” is absent, combination of other 7 “I”s is a sure shot recipe for disaster……….if not immediately, definitely in the long run……..and longer the run, bigger the disaster.

So check the last “I” first before going any further…….with anyone…..anytime…..every time !!

Jayesh Devani

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