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Updated: Feb 7, 2021

“Pappa, what is a CEO?” asked my 10 year old son (well he is much grown up now, studying at IIT-Madras) peeping into my laptop on a Sunday morning when I was preparing a report for for an assignment. “Who is a CEO?” I corrected him and explained that CEO is Chief Executive Officer and is the top most boss of a company. Not easy to get satisfied (after all, he is my son!) he nodded attentively and very thoughtfully said, “yes, but, what is a CEO?” I asked him to look at his book and study for the history exam next day rather than peeping into my laptop. But, the question kept bothering me “What is a CEO?”

Well, CEO is the one running and guiding an Organization. Organization means the company or an NGO or a government or a charitable trust…….or any such body that is consisting of and working for specified goals / objectives / missions. Actions of an Organization affects other stake holders e.g. society / state / country and hence, an Organization is a very large entity.

As said above, Organization is working and hence it needs workers. We call them Employees, in the context of a profit-making organization e.g. a company.

And the work is for a mission. There is someone who will be benefited by the accomplished mission. The beneficiary is Customer. He may be paying for the benefits or not (e.g. charitable trust), but he is a Customer.

Hey, we have got the answer…..

C = Customer

E = Employees

O = Organization / Other stake holders

And now if we ask, “Who is a CEO?”, the answer is very simple. I am a CEO, you are a CEO, everyone around is a CEO……….because, we are part of an organization, we are working (employed…..and also getting paid every month) and we are working for a customer (external or an internal customer). So, Wartsila India has not just 20, but about 1200 CEOs. Everyone reading this blog is a CEO.

Proven….isn’t it?

If you are still not convinced, write your feedback / comments to this blog. Let others also understand your viewpoints and let us all do what more needs to be done to be a CEO!

I still have a very tough task convincing my son………

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